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"Christopher's work is characterized by both precision and magic. He creates a safe space, imbued with trust and beauty, that invites both the ego and the soul to engage in deep powerful change work. He has helped me enrich, expand, and deepen my sense of self." Rebecca Wilson Author "Christopher is a masterful alchemist, healer, guide, beloved ally and creative catalyst. He is compassionate and real, humble, and innately wise. Sessions with Christopher are deeply healing, inspiring, and creative. He is gentle but laser sharp -- a skillful energetic acupuncturist. I first came to Christopher through a friend's recommendation and in turn, over the years, have recommended him to many dear friends who have had amazing experiences in his sessions. To work with Christopher is an ongoing journey of delight, beauty, and awakening which will undoubtedly change your life." Sara Drew Author "Christopher possesses ex-ceptional insight understanding, and sensitivity. He offers clients a genuinely transformative experience by using astrology to unlock the potentialities of the universe within ourselves." Bill Management Consultant
"Christopher Miles has about him a warm and quiet presence that is simultaneously unnerving - one feels naked and exposed before him - and yet extraordinarily embracing in a safe, respectful and neutral space. His energy medicine readings and work, which I have utilized in my personal and professional lives for over a decade, yield profound and pragmatic results. Moreover, Christopher’s supportive words, meditational guidance and energetic insights are not so much a gift as a revelation leading to self-generated transformation." Marc Matheson Community Radio Host "Christopher Miles is a brilliant force of personal healing. He is extremely professional, present and powerful in his work. You feel deeply touched, safe, supported, and even loved. And yet you know it's a universal love he has the gift of delivering to you -- reminding you of the larger truth that is always there to empower, and move people into their deepest most creative vision and purpose. If you have him to help you, you are extremely blessed. His brilliance is of the finest." Christyne Sisk Artist, Creative Professional "Christopher has been a key guiding force in my life for years. He truly is a wizard of the highest order, wielding his tremendous intuitive gifts with great skill and love. These qualities also bring uncommon depth of insight to his astrology readings. Every session I have had with Christopher has been a peak life experience." Andrew Nixon Associate Editor, Writer
"Christopher is one of the most intuitive, integral, and creative people I know. His healing work is powerful, nurturing, and uplifting. He has been an immense source of support and wisdom for me. I highly recommend Christopher's work." Kun-Hong Lu Psychotherapist "Christopher is a very down to earth spiritualist. He is incredibly present and genuine without any pretension. Our work together has allowed me to make room for change in my life creating a fertile and safe energy for personal and professional growth." Gil G. Creative Director "Christopher came into an opening made in my life when the person I had relied on for many years for effective energy work had taken a sabbatical. I knew I needed help. I was caught in a vise grip of rage I found impossible to shift. Later I related what happened as "Christopher saved my sanity." I felt I had finally escaped from a trap and could explore new patterns in my life. His integrity and common sense about my life has become a resource that I value. Problems still come up, but how I respond to them has changed and I have new means of working with them too." Jean Selkirk Business Consultant

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