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Space clearing
Is there a certain room or floor of your home that you and your family members avoid? Have you recently purchased a house or office space that you feel inexplicably uncomfortable in - as if something unpleasant had happened there? Has your home or office been a place of continual discord, confusion, or "bad luck"? Just like our bodies, buildings and spaces hold the emotional imprints of events that have happened for good or ill. These "ghosts" can exacerbate day-to-day conditions that individuals inhabiting the space experience and foster communication breakdowns, illness, or financial instability. Over the ages, many cultures have evolved traditions for cleansing a space, such as feng shui, smudging, and house blessings. The techniques I use are similar to those used to heal a human aura, but even more intensive. It involves the use of sound (bells and chants), trance-work, and vibrational medicine to clear the energy field of the property and bring it into harmony with the nature around it. The effect is often perceptible even to those individuals who don't identify themselves as "sensitive".
In the universe, there are things that are known and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors - William Blake
A Clearing typically happens in three stages: 1. The Walk Through or initial visit — This is a short visit that takes roughly 20 minutes where I can meet the occupant(s), see the layout of the place, and get a general sense of the energetic dynamic there. 2. The Clearing -- This requires a three-hour block of time when no one else is present. 3. The Debrief -- This is a short meeting (typically on the day of the Clearing, but could be scheduled for anytime after) in which I share what I encountered and any helpful insights from the work I did. Often, there are feng shui suggestions in regard to what might be beneficial for the space. Time / Duration: 3 Hours Fee: $450

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