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Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine is a method of working the body's energy field to facilitate the release of frozen or stuck emotional energy. Burdensome cords to other individuals, voids, and the miasmas that result from surgery, drug use, unhealthy relationships, or traumatic events can weaken or dull the aura. Such conditions are the cause of dis-ease whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. A typical session lasts about an hour and is a blend of counseling, aura-reading, breathwork, and guided meditation. While an in-person session is ideal, Energy Medicine has proven to be powerfully effective in distance work -- via both phone and Skype. I work with individuals all across the US and have clients as far away as Portugal and New Zealand. Couples Sessions Work with couples is weighted more towards counseling with a focus on heart chakra attunement, the mutual reception of relative emotional truths and navigating through blocks in communication. Session Time: 60mins Fee: $150 (Sliding scale $125 - $150)
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